OkCupid, That's Creepy As Fuck. - Let me start by saying that I’m really disgusted...


Let me start by saying that I’m really disgusted in myself that I had to click 5 stars because I was Quickmatching on my phone and it was the only way I could save his profile to find and make a post about later.

I’ll begin with the top image:

His entire profile is one big fuck you to all women. He doesn’t care if you’re passionate or caring or intelligent. He cares about two things: If you’re pretty, and if you’re willing to bow down and devote your life to serving him.

I’m not. No way. Ever.

Here are some things I am thankful for:

Thank fuck I’m shorter than 5’5 (Not by much, but I am) because maybe it’ll be enough to keep him from trying to message me… Because my response to him would 10000% get me banned from OkC.

I don’t live within 10 minutes of him! Woot!

I don’t care to comment on the fact that I don’t look like Jessica Alba because like, Christ is that woman even real?!

I don’t know what my body fat percentage is. But I do know that for women, your essential fat percentage is 10-12%. That’s the BARE MINIMUM. And he wants you at less than 8%. He wants you either malnourished or a body-builder. Let me calculate mine real quick so we can see how obese he thinks I am… Alright, I had to guess my weight based on the last time I weighed myself because our scales battery is dead, and I rounded up just in case. OH HELL TO THE NO. This thing says I’m obese. HAHAHAHA. Okay. Like, actually obese. I’m calling bullshit. That’s not even possible when my BMI is just slightly above underweight.. Okay I did a second one that actually asked for my height instead of my hip measurement (which I’ll admit, mama’s got big hips..) and it says 25% which is right in the healthy range.. but really, I don’t have any amount of fat I can lose without looking dangerously unhealthy.. so this whole body fat percentage crap pisses me off.

Okay, now that we’re all painfully aware of the fact that body fat percentage calculators are inaccurate and promote anorexia… Moving on..

I reserve the right to complain about whatever I damn well please. Be it  your addiction to “golf” or your shit attitude. I say what I fucking want.

"Proven to be a good mother and faithful wife." Well, I know I’d be a good mother, I’m told so on a daily basis by real mothers.. And I am faithful. FUCK. Now he might want me.

Oh wait, no he wont. I’m too short and too fat. OOPS.

I’m not even going to comment on the next paragraph aside from the fact that he is a piece of shit.

Moving on to image 2.. HYPOCRITE MUCH?! 

Ugh. I just can’t.

Can I just say this one thing? FUCK YOU. I’m fabulous just the way I am. I don’t need to lose weight. I don’t need to gain weight. I don’t need to silence myself. I don’t need your permission to speak. I don’t need you. I don’t want you. In fact, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a woman in the world (whether she meets your RIDICULOUS standards or not) who would want you. This is why you’re single.

Do any of my lovelies have anything to add to say to this fucking idiot?

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    Wow. Is this real life??
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    The more I read this… the more bizarre it is. Ladies, remember he gives you treats and rewards for good behaviour. It is...
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    He’s an odious little toad. I live a few miles from him, want me to throw a drink in his face if I see him?
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  12. punkphantom said: i’m laughing so hard this guy is so delusional. typical spoiled cishet male who feels entitled to his specific “perfect” dream girl.
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  14. marieantoinetanyahu said: Fredericks of Hollywood? ::sniff:: Is that even still a thing.
  15. the-makeout-whisperer said: You found him, too? I posted about him a few days ago, people are loving to hate him.
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  17. misspostmarked said: this reminds me of that Romeo Rose bloke and his misogynistic/objectifying requirements (Sleepless in Austin).
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    Oh, hey, welcome to grindr.
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  20. the-cat-with-hands said: He doesn’t want a wife, he wants a nanny/maid/escort
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  22. visenyasbraids said: Expose him
  23. iamtheibetch said: His “self summary” really does tell you about him - THAT HE’S A RAGING ASSHOLE. Seriously, dude, dating is not where you customize the perfect woman and hit “add to cart”. Maybe that’s the problem; MMOs and Amazon have made them think it is :(